Assessment of the existing HR systems within the organization

The objective of the assessment is to identify gaps in the current HR systems and recommend corrective measures in order to ensure that the client is law complaint

Review existing or Develop HR policies

The Employment & labour relations act 2004 (ELRA 2004) and labour institutions act 2004 (LIA) requires the employer to have its own HUMAN RESOURCE POLICY & PROCEDURES in place (We know that you don't need piles of policies and procedures, but it does make sense to have the basic policies in place that are clear and understandable so that employees know what you as their employer will do in certain circumstances and what you expect from them, and to also comply with statutory minimum requirements of employment legislation.)

Termination of Employees

There are various types of lawful Termination as defined in section 36 of the ACT it is of paramount importance to follow the appropriate procedures to terminate an employee. HR Solutions will ensure that the employee is lawfully terminated by conducting disciplinary hearing, draft appropriate termination letter and calculation of terminal dues.( if the termination is based on disciplinary grounds)


Managing retrenchment is never easy. However the adverse effects of the exercise can substantially reduce by following lawful procedures. Essential to the process is good communication; careful analysis and planning; effective consultation; sensitivity in approach; and the provision of appropriate support, assistance and good goodwill towards the affected employees. (HR Solutions will conduct Meetings with Management & Employees drafting letters and calculation of dues).

Conflict resolution

is a range of methods for alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict. Processes of conflict resolution generally include negotiation, mediation, and diplomacy.

Performance Appraisal

"get paid according to what you contribute" People differ in their abilities and their aptitudes. There is always some difference between the quality and quantity of the same work on the same job being done by two different people. Performance appraisals of Employees are necessary to understand each employee's abilities, competencies and relative merit and worth for the organization. Performance appraisal rates the employees in terms of their performance.

Representation of Tribunal Hearing

In case of an employee filing a labour case against the employer, we shall represent the organization at the CMA up to the point the case is resolved/completed Note: if the case is out of Dar Es Salaam, the travel, Accommodation & meals cost will be borne by the client

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