Our services in this sector include the following:

i. Receiving the goods from the factories or premises of the principal or his agents

ii. Warehousing these goods iii. Receiving dispatch orders from the principal

iv. Arranging dispatch of goods as per the directions of the principal by engaging transport on his own or through the authorized transporters of the principal

v. Maintaining records of the receipt and dispatch of goods and the stock available at the warehouse

vi. We can also arrange bonds for transit cargo or for import cargo on request

  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Road Transportation
  • Storage and warehousing (on request)

Our Companies

Get to know our group and affiliate companies with new ventures that is steered by our people to bring Synarge Group.

Gaia Eco-Solutions (T) Ltd

Gaia Eco Solutions (T) Ltd was established to reduce the hazardous dumping of automotive batteries in Tanzania by recycling them to reduce scrap disposal.

Petpaul General Holdings Ltd

Petpaul General Holdings Ltd is a Clearing and Forwarding agency licensed by the Tanzania Customs Services with the aim of assisting in clearing and consolidation of shipping, road...


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About Synarge group of companies

At Synarge Group we believe in empowerment of our people, we strive to build a sense of community, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals.

New ventures are often steered by our people who bring with them the trademark management style, skills and experience. We frequently create partnerships with others to combine skills and knowledge. The proof of our success is evident in the strong relationships we build as part of the Synarge Community, and those we build with our clients and partners.

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