Petpaul General Holdings Ltd is a Clearing and Forwarding agency licensed by the Tanzania Customs Services with the aim of assisting in clearing and consolidation of shipping, road, rail and air cargo with speed and efficiency. We strive to achieve strong professional affiliation with concerned cargo service regulatory agencies and ground handling companies.

The company performs clearing and forwarding operations through our staff who are trained at the globally recognised Tanzania Institute of Tax Administration among other acknowledged universities and institutions

Our operations are performed in the following customs and excise controlled point of cargo entry/borders:


    • Dar-es-salaam Port – Where the company handles import of containerized cargo and bulk cargo as well as rents machinery and equipment. In addition, the company exports containerized cargo (Lead Ingots) from Tanzania to various ports of the World.
    • Mwalimu Nyerere International Airport – Where the company handles imports from various airports of the world to Tanzania.

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